Welcome to Grass Valley / Nevada City Chapter of Model A Ford Club of America (MAFCA) web site! Come join us and enjoy the Model A Ford  and it's era. Ownership of a Model A is not required.  Anyone who holds an interest (or obsession in some cases... uh hum) in this classic automobile is welcome.  Our members come from all over western Nevada County in the Sierra foothills with one thing in common, HENRY'S LADY.    

We are an active chapter with many events.  Check out the club calendar. Activities include parades, driving tours, swap meets, technical sessions, and various social events.  The club is also a member of the Northern California Regional Group as well as MAFCA.       


Club Activities and News

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September/October 2023

Well it appears as if Summer has temporarily left us, and I think we are all ok with that. A little rain and cooler temperatures never hurt anybody. I’m still getting prepped for the Beat the Heat tour to Chico. There are only two potential weather outcomes at this point, 115 degrees or 4 inches of rain, only time will tell. I’m still working on all my cars, and will move Model A’s to the front of the list. I missed out on a very cool Phaeton, Those that are interested, just ask...

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July/August 2023

Well ,time has caught up with me and I need to admit that our trusty Woody did not tcomplete the parade route for the 4th of July. It suffered significant vapor lock. The good news is that I went back to retrievethe car several hours later and it started rightup and drove home fine. Now on to the incredible news... We had 18 cars join us for the parade, that’s unheard of and is a great testament of this club’s willingness to still get out there...

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May/June 2023

We need to talk, I mean have a real discussion...go get your readers and put‘em on. Get a pen and paper if you need to and take notes. Ok, ready? Let’s go. We are a car club. We own cars, enjoy cars, work on cars, talk cars, now we need to drive cars. The Ford Model A may be the easiest most reliable car ever built. I can take any car in my fleet and drive it with little to no concern. As a club, in numbers, folks need to be less concerned about breakdowns….

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Meetings are usually held at 7:00 PM on the fourth Thursday of each month (except Nov & Dec). November & December meetings are combined holiday/meeting social events at selected locations. The last couple years summer meetings were at Sierra Starr Winery with a picnic dinner at 6 PM on the winery patio. Winter meetings are held at TrailBlazer Pizza in Alta Sierra. Dinner is 6:00 to 7:00 PM for those who wish. Meeting starts at 7:00 PM. Check Calendar for any changes. Visitiors are welcome to attend to learn more about the club.


2023 Club Meetings

September 28 and October 26 meetings will be at Trailblazer Pizza (meeting room) in Alta Sierra. Arrive about 6 PM to have dinner first. Meeting starts at 7 PM. November and December are special events. Details will be posted soon.

UPCOMING Model A Tours:

See Newsletter and emails for currently scheduled events.


Annual dues are $25 per year per family. You are welcome to attend a meeting to learn more about our club. For more information, contact Gary Spencer.

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Membership in MAFCA is also recommended, which includes subscription to Restorer Magazine. The Restorer is MAFCA's award-winning publication published six times a year that features articles about the Model A Ford, news of Chapters and activities, and other interesting features.